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Vins d'Alsace Maurice SCHOECH, Propriétaires - Viticulteurs à Ammerschwihr en Alsace

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The Vins de Fruit

The diversity of Alsace grape varieties gives rise to a wide range of wines with very different tastes. Each wine bears the name of the grape variety from which it is produced and each has its own distinct character meaning they can be enjoyed at any time and with any dish. Vins de fruit are the true expression of the flavour and aromas of the grape from which they are made.

Côtes d'Ammerschwihr Domaine Schoech Ammerschwihr Côtes d'Ammerschwihr : It is picked mid-harvest on the hill-side parcels lying at the entrance to the valley which leads to Les Trois Epis. Made from a blend of Pinot Blanc with a hint of Muscat, it is a light wine which is the perfect accompaniment to a raclette, a mouclade or an anchoïade.
Pinot Auxerrois Vieilles Vignes Domaine Schoech Ammerschwihr  Pinot Auxerrois : Among the first grapes to be harvested from vines which are more than 35 years old. Also called Auxerrois, this wine blends freshness and suppleness and can be enjoyed from the aperitif right through to the cheese including with salads or tartes flambées and pizza.
Riesling Domaine Schoech Ammerschwihr Riesling : The King of Alsace wines, it is a dry, distinguished and extremely delicate wine, excellent served with fish, seafood and fowl.
Pinot Gris Domaine Schoech Ammerschwihr  Pinot Gris : This wine is produced partly on the granite slopes. Full-bodied, long on the palate, it presents complex earthy and lightly smoked aromas. It is excellent served with foie gras, game, white meats and offal.
Muscat Domaine Schoech Ammerschwihr Muscat : An Alsace Muscat produced on granite. As you taste it you have the impression of biting into a fresh grape. It is the perfect enhancement to your aperitifs, receptions, asparagus dishes and fresh vegetables.
Pinot Noir Domaine Schoech Ammerschwihr  Pinot Noir : A fruit-driven wine with a vibrant colour and supple tannins. Ideal served with cold meats, pizza and grilled meats.
Gewurztraminer Domaine Schoech Ammerschwihr  Gewurztraminer: The old vines lying around Ammerschwihr create our Gewurztraminer. Developing intense aromas of spices and flowers, it is a powerful and seductive wine, with a hint of sweetness. It is perfect as an aperitif or served with exotic dishes, strong cheeses and desserts.


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